silversmith in Southern California jewelry studio

Grit & Golden is a one-woman-show, started in early 2017 by MacKenzie McClain.
MacKenzie grew up fascinated by her Grandmother's knowledge and appreciation for southwestern, turquoise jewelry. After many trips to old town Albuquerque and watching local artisans physically create the pieces they were selling, handmade jewelry held a huge place in MacKenzie's heart. Halfway through college, MacKenzie stumbled upon a beginner bench jewelry course at a local community college. She quickly became obsessed with the entire process of forging metal with her hands into jewelry. What she thought would just fill up some extra units for graduation, turned into a daydream. A daydream to share her appreciation for handmade products and make badass jewelry for those with grit and a golden spirit. After two years of making jewelry for family and friends, MacKenzie took the leap and started G&G.
G&G is not just about the jewelry, it's about shopping small and shopping handcrafted. Each piece is entirely handmade in Southern California, and therefore one-of-a-kind and unique in their own way. No piece is perfect, but MacKenzie pours her heart and soul into every part of the process to ensure quality and jewelry that will last a lifetime. Thank you for supporting small business!